Robit® Sense Systems – Robit’s unique measuring technology takes percussive drilling to a higher plane!

Robit® is the first company in the world to develop a patented measuring system that can measure the straightness of a hole during the percussive drilling process.

Immediate time measurement of hole straightness with the drill bit!

Do you know where the end is of the holes you drill? You can now, with Robit’s new measuring technology. The system is the result of an intensive, seven year R & D program at Robit and is in operation at selected customers. Unlike existing, time-consuming manual systems, measuring during the drilling process does not require an extra work phase in the drilling process. The measurements are available immediately after drilling a hole. You can see a 3 D view of the drilled hole in the drilling pattern.

When drilling holes in rock, the holes often turn away from the desired direction, and in long holes the deviation may even be several metres. Hole deviation results in inefficient operations on a site and in the worst case may create hazards. The new system measures the actual straightness of drill holes immediately, so the information can be utilised in optimizing and charging a rock face.

Optimizing charging raises efficiency in drilling by:

  • Optimizing crushing aggregates through controlled charging and blasting, no oversized boulders
  • Ensuring safe blasting without the risk of flying rocks
  • Optimizing yield from the orebody by avoiding drilling into waste rock
  • Increasing the overall productivity of the blasting and crushing process
  • Cutting costs for fuel and explosives and reducing downtime
  • Storing all drilling data in a database to develop your drilling process
  • Raising overall efficiency

Since the results are obtained immediately, it is possible to react to any hole deviation when positioning and directing the following holes. The system functions in all types of rock formations – even in magnetic ore.

Technical facts:

  • Measuring technology can be used for several top hammer and DTH drilling applications.
  • Measuring module is integrated into the standard drill string with special technology by Robit.
  • Basic configuration of the measuring technology comprises a suspended measuring module with inertial sensors, a data transmitter, a wireless charger and a tablet computer with user interface.
  • The technology developed, which utilises high accuracy accelerometers and gyroscopes, also makes it possible to measure in magnetic ore.
  • The accuracy of the measuring technology is as good or better than that of existing manual systems on the market.
  • Available for 70 mm holes and upwards.
  • The system has been developed in an intensive, seven year R & D program, in cooperation with universities, research institutes and companies that are expert s in the sector. It has been successfully tested with Finnish customers for more than a year in various conditions and with different products.


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