Robit Plc is a manufacturer of high quality button bits for rock drilling and casing systems for ground drilling. We are the only manufacturer and leading supplier in our field in Finland. Our products are currently exported to over 115 countries.

Robit products ensure the most drilled meters for your money.

Robit products ensure the most drilled meters for your money. With Robit white bits you get the best out both from your drilling rig and from your investment.

Our consistent high quality drill bits meet the needs of the most powerful hydraulic drifters.

  • High alloy Scandinavian steel and compact homogenous tungsten carbide
  • Modern bit design and our special method for installing the buttons into the bodies
  • Continuous quality monitoring throughout the manufacturing process
  • Continuous testing in Scandinavian granite

A focused niche supplier holding the global leading position in drill bit applications.

Robit is a flexible company that puts all its efforts to developing first class button bits. We listen to our customers and their needs.

From past experience, Robit people have a thorough knowledge of the modern hydraulic top hammer drilling. We combine that knowledge with our modern button bit design.

 Top Performance And Quality Services

Highest quality throughout

Robit applies ISO 9001:2008 standard in all its activities. Rigorous quality control at Robit means, for example, measuring the hardness of the body and electronic microscopic analysis of the tungsten carbide used in the buttons. Soliditet Finland has also granted us with the AAA credit rating. AAA is the top credit rating class, granted only to 4.58 % of the Finnish companies. It means that when dealing with these companies the credit risk is minimal.

First class materials

All the Robit button bits are manufactured of 100 % recyclable Scandinavian Green Steel grade specially manufactured for us. The environmentally friendly steel production process reduces the CO2 emissions by 80%, and recycles 95 % of the waste – while improving the steel properties. What’s more, we have spared no effort in optimizing the cobalt ratio and microstructure of the tungsten carbide used in the buttons. We have also paid special attention to designing different button shapes for different rock formations.

Robit Plc: HSEQ Policy (health, safety, environment and quality)

Our aim is to offer a good and comprehensive product and service package to our customers and thereby ensure their competitiveness. Our satisfied customers create basis for the long-term loyal operation and profitability throughout the entire supply chain.

Robit products are developed in the challenging rock conditions of the Scandinavia and thus competitive worldwide regardless of ground conditions. We use technically advanced know-how and technology; e.g. automation and robots are used as efficiently as possible.

Corporate social responsibility is an essential part of our daily work. By operating in a sustainable way we show caring of the next generations. We want to uphold pleasant and safe working environment which all employees can be proud of. This is also essential part of our company´s brand. By identifying opportunities and risks systemically we ensure reaching of the targets and actualize proactive approach. Central value in Robit´s business is engagement in continuous improvement of work safety, environment protection and quality. Naturally, we act in accordance with laws, agreements and obligations. On the global operating environment this forms its own area of expertise. To ensure regeneration and competitiveness also in future, we continuously invest in developing skills, motivation and expertise of our personnel through training.

Company´s top management is responsible for the HSEQ System’s functionality, improvement and effectiveness.

Management systems of Robit Plc

ISO 9001 Quality management system

ISO 14001 Environmental management system

Environmental targets

Reducing material loss
Reducing energy consumption
Reducing harmfulness of waste

Automated production

Robit has invested in the state-of-the-art production technology, such as robotized productions cells, button insertion machinery, and automated painting lines. High level of automation increases the capacity, improves productivity and secures consistent high quality, helping us to react on the changing markets and growing demand. The most challenging part of the manufacturing process is the inserting of the buttons in the drill bit. It has a crucial effect on the bit lifetime and quality, and that’s why we have developed sophisticated methods to guarantee the best button retention and stability.

Constant development

Tight focus, concentration on drill bits, and using the latest technology enable us to develop leading products. New products, product modifications, and solutions are being developed and tested all the time. But one thing is constant – our commitment to offering the most economic possible drill meters to Robit button bit users. Close co-operation and testing with the key customers ensure the most innovative designs of drill bits. And if you don’t find the best bit for your special needs our wide selection of standard models, we can design it for you.

Robit Bulletin 1/2016

Bulletin 1/2016

Robit Plc Customer Magazine

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