Robit as an Investment


Robit has strongly become an international growth company, which provides investors an interesting investment object. Besides domestic investors Robit has a significant amount of foreign shareholders. The international market has offered our Company space to grow, which is also an indication of our success in implementing strategic choices. During the last ten years, our turnover has grown on average more than 20 percent per annum. The acquisitions, Drilling Tools Australia Pty Ltd and Bulroc (UK) Ltd, made in summer 2016 strengthen significantly Robit’s international operations.

Our future expectations are based on two strategic principles. Firstly, according to our strategy we have focused on a narrow product segment, i.e. drilling consumables, which have large enough global markets. They are used and needed regardless of economic trends. This secured us a strong 19,1 percent increase in net sales also last year, when the global economic development remained weaker than expected. The other principle is associated with our customers. Robit produces drilling consumables globally for four customer groups: tunneling, thermal heating and cooling and water wells, construction and mining. We believe in the growth of these four groups. This also forms a sturdy foundation for Robit’s future.

The foundation of the Robit story is strong and determined internationalization. In 2015 our products were sold to 115 countries. After the acquisitions our manufacturing sites are located in Finland, South Korea, Australia and UK. Our own sales offices serve customers in Chicago, Dubai, Johannesburg, Hangzhou, Moscow, Lima, Sao Paolo, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Windhoek, Perth, Brisbane, Kalgoorlie, Chesterfield, Seoul, Lempäälä and Kerava.

The Robit story, spanning more than three decades, is just beginning. The listing in 2015 enabled Robit’s growth to speed up.